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Welcome to a workspace infused with community and purpose. Every partner contributes to our vision of strong families and thriving communities.

Benefits to the community:

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Deb provides professional, on-site support throughout the day to manage a smoothly functioning work community. She offers a wealth of knowledge on policies, procedures and Collective amenities, including our shared technology. Deb leads the volunteer team that develops community-wide events and celebrations.

Contact Deb@wttncollective.com or 920.390.4686.


Deb Portman

Community Manager

community members

The Collective is a purpose-driven group of innovators who are actively involved in the community. We provide a welcoming, inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

The Collective is home to the following community agencies:

Watertown Area YMCA

The Foundation works to inspire collaboration, mobilize resources and encourage innovation that measurably contributes to strong families and thriving communities.

Watertown Area YMCAWatertown Area YMCA

A cornerstone partner, the YMCA manages the Collective’s on-site childcare and early education center, along with the satellite Express YMCA. Future plans include the relocation of existing YMCA operations to the Collective with a new, full-facility YMCA.

(formerly Bethesda)

Provides life-changing services that empower people with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Jefferson County Human ServicesJefferson County
Human Services

Enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families living in Jefferson County by addressing their needs in a respectful manner and enabling citizens receiving services to function as independently as possible, while acknowledging their cultural differences.

Jefferson County Human ServicesMinistry CPA

MinistryCPA serves business, not-for-profit organizations and individual clients in more than 44 U.S. states and across the globe stretching to virtually every continent.

Jefferson County Head Start Jefferson County
Head Start

A federal- and state-funded preschool program focusing on school readiness for 3-5 year old children, at no cost to eligible families.

Safe Families for ChildrenSafe Families
for Children

A professionally supported volunteer movement dedicated to providing "extended family-like supports" to local families facing a crisis.